This is a test!

Hello world. I’m new to WordPress, so I’m testing this bad boy to see how it all works. I have the feeling that I’m going to like this, but right now I’m uncertain. What is there to say? To write? To review? 

These days I’m reading a lot of “end of year” lists, specifically for movies; best of, worst of, that kind of thing. The most interesting I read was from Patton Oswalt, who took a different turn, listing his Top 100 movie moments. That kept him from doing the same thing as everyone else, and he didn’t get bogged down in lengthy analysis. People should check it out. Very funny. 

I didn’t see enough movies last year to make that kind of list anyway, but most of what I saw in theaters I liked. I did make the mistake of getting drunk before and during Inception, and while it didn’t take away from the movie, it definitely did not enhance it in any way. Also, I really liked The Wolf Man, so fuck everyone.

I will probably miss “True Grit”, which saddens me, because I can’t think of anything else I would actually prefer to waste money on. Same with the new Tron, but oh well. The first one wasn’t that good anyway. 

Regardless, here’s what I saw last year, in order: Avatar, Shutter Island, The Wolf Man, The Crazies, Iron Man 2, Predators and Inception. 

I could pick each movie apart, at length, but what hasn’t already been written or said about them? I can say, they wasted Danny Trejo in Predators. Why put him in the movie and not let him whoop some Predator ass? 

Anyway, that’s it for now. This post has no purpose, other than to show you this:

Kiss My Converse!

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