Speaking of…

…end of year lists, I’m linking a “worst of” movie list from Ain’t it Cool News because the writer, Massawyrm, always has some fun things to say about the worst, and there’s always movies on the list worth seeking out, just because they are so goddamned awful. 

Of all the AICN folks, I like him the best, because his review style isn’t as jaded as most of the other writers, and he seems to give everything a fair chance. Having only been familiar with the site for a few years, I get the feeling his review method is a throwback to the site’s earlier days, before it became a huge money maker and quasi-hollywood player. But I still like the site. 

Also, Massawyrm’s worst of list from last year turned me on to “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”, which has one of the most bat-shit crazy performances ever put on film, brought to you by none other than Chris Klein. Yes, you read that right. It is pure method brilliance, or pure madness. Either way, its genius. Behold a montage:

He also mentions the director of his top worst movie as being one of the worst directors of all time, but I have to admit, his movie “The Ice Pirates” is freakin hilarious. If space herpes, Robert Culp, John Matuszak, Angelica Huston or Bruce Vilanch do nothign for you, then seek the movie out for nothing more than a robot pimp, as witnessed below. 

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