Speaking of…

…Terrance Malick, Ain’t It Cool News has an update about the reclusive auteur’s latest, “The Tree of Life“, which is due later this year.

Apparently, Malick consulted with freakin’ rocket scientists about certain visual effects in the movie, which reportedly spans the beginning and end of the entire universe, focusing specifically on a small boy growing up somewhere in the midwest.

You can read AICN’s piece here.

AICN also has some interesting tidbits about the forthcoming Alien prequel, which will see original director Ridley Scott come back into the face-hugging mythos.

I previously read the prequel (maybe prequels) will focus on the “Space Jockey” seen in the original, and how that particular race plays into the larger Alien mythology.

AICN’s piece, found here, lends a little credence to that theory, but it also sounds weird, and different, and way better than Winona Ryder playing an android fighting along side a cloned Ripley. Fuck that movie. Fuck it in its dead, sore, puckered asshole.

Of course, no matter what they do with the new one, it will never be better than this:

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