The Only Thing I Liked About Machete…

…Steven Freakin’ Seagal. Its a weird thing to type, let alone realize, but Seagal seemed to be the only one who was having fun in the movie. As drug lord Torrez, Seagal hissed his way through a Mexican accent and beheaded people with a samurai sword. And yes, you read that sentence correctly. I haven’t enjoyed Seagal since Under Siege, and thought he was gone for good. But there he was, co-starring in a movie with Robert DeNiro, and apparently having  a blast. He was funny and should have won in the end.

Who knows, maybe I don’t understand the whole B-movie/Grindhouse send up Rodriguez and Tarantino are obsessed with now. I liked “Plant Terror”, didn’t like “Death Proof”, and didn’t see what all the fuss was about with “Machete”. Some reviews made me think the movie was the second coming. The trailer was better.

Discuss. And behold Seagal’s character poster.

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