Watch: Gary Oldman defames National White Boy Day

There’s likely a very large group of movie-goers who only know Gary Oldman from Potter and Batman, but for a time in the 90’s the dude was in everything and played a wide variety of characters, some villains, all interesting in Oldman’s hands.

In 93, Oldman had what amounted to an extended cameo in Tarantino and Scott’s “True Romance“, and he absolutely stole the fucking movie. He is so bat shit insane as a pimp named Drexel, that he is easily the most memorable character (not the most memorable scene, as that goes to Hopper and Walken). He beats the piss out of Christian Slater, and tries to make him understand it ain’t White Boy Day. He even makes Chinese food a weapon. He’s about a minute in. Enjoy.

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