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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife … cuz Kevin Bacon is rapin’ everybody out here!

There’s a strong possibility that if you are co-starring in a movie with Kevin Bacon, you will be raped, beaten, robbed, pimped out, made addicted to drugs or emotionally abused in some fashion by the guy. Hell, he may even … Continue reading

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Is it time to re-examine Alien 3?

With the release of Prometheus next year, I felt it was time to re-examine the merits and failures of Alien 3, which has to be one of the most hated and confusing sequels to a big time sci-fi series. Actually, … Continue reading

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Watch: Best. Fan. Ever.

This has to be the greatest fan attempt at a home run ball ever. Any time you’re feeling a little down, I highly recc this clip. Everything about it is crazy, from the dive, to what the dude is wearing, … Continue reading

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