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Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas

Like I wrote previously, Dean Koontz has a formula that serves his talents and his readers very well. If you’ve read a Koontz book, you’ve read them all, in a sense, but that’s a good thing and has kept me … Continue reading

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What was the most influential movie of the 90’s?

Note: Defining the most influential movie of the 90’s is not a science. It is just opinion. The only criteria I came up with was that the movie could have influenced the decade, or beyond, or both. The influence could … Continue reading

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Birds of War! Or, my son is making freedom free by dressing like a chicken and wrestling Rowdy Roddy Piper

The one thing that “It’s Always Sunny…” does better than any other show that I’ve come across is shine a mega-watt spotlight on the kind of jingoistic flag waving and patriotism that we’re guilty of in this country. They usually … Continue reading

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Captain America is gonna go all Greatest Generation on your ass

I saw this two weeks ago and I’ve wanted to write my thoughts but the truth is, I don’t think I could bring any new observations, at least not better than The Incredible Hulk, who is now a film critic. … Continue reading

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Watch: Trailer for “The Thing” gets my hopes up

I’ve been meaning to write something about not only this year’s forthcoming prequel, but also my unabashed love for Carpenter’s classic, for quite some time. I’ve been sidetracked, but quite honestly, I’m not sure what I could say that hasn’t … Continue reading

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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife … cuz Kevin Bacon is rapin’ everybody out here!

There’s a strong possibility that if you are co-starring in a movie with Kevin Bacon, you will be raped, beaten, robbed, pimped out, made addicted to drugs or emotionally abused in some fashion by the guy. Hell, he may even … Continue reading

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Is it time to re-examine Alien 3?

With the release of Prometheus next year, I felt it was time to re-examine the merits and failures of Alien 3, which has to be one of the most hated and confusing sequels to a big time sci-fi series. Actually, … Continue reading

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